Item Feature:
Shawl by Meridian Jacobs

This holiday season, we are highlighting special Fibershed Marketplace (link in profile) items from our farmer and artisan members. Robin Lynde is a master weaver, spinner, natural dyer, and thoughtful pasture manager who raises rare-breed Jacob sheep in Solano County, CA.


Robin tells us, “Many different yarns, all from Solano County sheep, were used in this shawl. The warp is a mix of yarns from various dye batches – think “leftovers.” I dyed the brown yarns with foraged black walnuts, and arranged them in a gradient based on color, from darker brown to white. When I took the yarns outside to photograph them, I noticed a purplish stripe. I realized that one of the skeins I used was labeled “Lisa’s mushroom,” a yarn my friend, Lisa Waterman, dyed. It looked brown initially but, when it was washed, that magic mushroom reacted with the soap in a way that shifted the brown color to a purple shade. It is subtle, and it is beautiful.”


Coop members know from personal experience that Robin’s ponchos and shawls quickly become wardrobe staples. They replace robes and sweatshirts, and become an indispensable, stylish layer both inside and outdoors. Shawls of this width double nicely as thick, delightfully smooshy, soft scarves and yes, are so special we’ve included them in our wills to ensure they go to appreciative friends.

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