Meridian Jacobs


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I am a farmer, weaver, and teacher. I have raised Jacob sheep for 22 years and serve as an inspector for the Jacob Sheep Breeders Assoc. I expanded Meridian Jacobs to sell my own and other locally grown fiber and yarn and other farm products (sheepskins and horn buttons). I also sell blankets and garments that I weave from this yarn.


I share my passion for wool and sheep by teaching classes in weaving, spinning, and livestock handling and through the unique Farm Club.


A handwoven wool throw is perfect for curling up on the couch or as an extra layer on the bed.


The warp yarn for these blankets is spun from wool that is locally grown (3 miles from my farm and studio) and the weft yarn is wool from my Jacob sheep.


I have had hands on every fleece that created these yarns. I weave in my studio on the farm with a view of the sheep pasture.

Luxurious and soft lambskins! Perfect for bare feet in the morning, on a cold chair or a hard bench, under the sheet in bed or in baby’s crib, or in your car.


Replace your old under-the-sleeping-bag-pad with a thick, warm lambskin the next time you go camping. Some people swear that these lambskins have medicinal properties – maybe it’s just that snuggling into a soft, cozy lambskin is so comforting and relaxing. Lambskins make great wedding or baby gifts. Lambskins come from the sheep that are harvested for meat.


These were tanned in Ceres, CA using an alum tanning process.

Both of these scarves are woven of wool grown by my spotted Jacob sheep. I sort the black and white wool and have it spun at one of two local mills.


This wool was spun at Mendocino Wool Mill in Ukiah.


Stars scarf 1281-1: 6.5” x 62” plus fringe.

Stripes scarf 1281-2: 6.75” x 67” plus fringe.