Colors and supplies for the visual artist. Judi started Biohue in 2006 to make her own paints and pigments that reflected her desire for a healthier more sustainable environment. In 2018 she relocated from the bay area to Placerville, CA, in order to expand her research gardens and lab. Judi’s book on the art and artists of natural pigments is due out in the fall of 2019 or early 2020.

Featured Products

Indigo Ink

Japanese indigo artist ink 1 ounce. The Persicaria tinctoria plants are grown and processed in Placerville, CA by Judi Pettite of BioHue. After the extraction process, the pigment is hand ground and made into a watersoluble artist ink. Be sure to give the bottle a little shake before using. Store in a cool place. Pour off desired quantities before using; dipping brush into bottle may encourage mold to grow. Made with the simplest ingredients, no phenols. Deep blue color.

Indigo Watercolor

Hand harvested persicaria tinctoria, indigo extraction and ground into half pan watercolor cakes at BioHue in Placerville. Use just like any watercolor. Good lightfast color.

Walnut Ink

Waterbased black walnut ink from the sierra foothills of California. Color is a cooler brown, similar to sepia versus the warmer hue of a pisolithus mushroom ink or eucalyptus bark. Lightfast and easy to use with a brush or calligraphy pens..