BoRage Yarns and Fiber


I knit and spin mostly local fiber, from which I create garments or sell as hand spun skeins. I created a knit book: Knitting Woolscapes which features many of my hand knit designs. 

Featured Products

leaf vest
knitting woolscapes book
cloud vest
Leaf Vest

This light vest was knit from BigBarnFarm wool in Petaluma and wool/alpaca blend from Bo-Rage Yarns. The body of the vest is light and airy. The sleeves and the pocket are knit in the shape of leaves. The short sleeves are 2 leaves sewn together. The leaves are knit from worsted weight yarn while the body of the vest is knit from sports weight wool. The light grey color of the body contrasts beautifully with the charcoal dark grey of the trim, sleeves and pocket.

Knitting Woolscapes

Designs inspired by Coastal Marin Wool. Everything in the book is local, from the designer and the photographer to the models, landscapes and the wool used for the designs. It is a pattern book for hand knitters with 25 original designs. The sweaters, cardigans, vests and hats reflect the sophistication of nearby cosmopolitan San Francisco Bay Area while maintaining the simplicity of country life. The supurb photos were taken by Paige Green, Fibershed’s premier photographer.

Cloud Vest

This vest has “fulled” (slightly felted) fronts and back, with a reversed cloud pattern. Grey clouds on a white background. The knit seams and yolk used the same yarn, but because they were not felted their appearance is totally different.