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Helping our climate while expressing my creativity comes together in my work. Using Regenerative Agricultural practices, I grow and process flax into Linen and natural dye plants. My handwovens, yarns, and flax products use locally sourced materials; my linen, my dye plants and suppliers of my wool and cotton use sustainable practices. My work reflects this passion in beauty, quality and uniqueness. My process of creating a woven piece begins with spinning my flax/linen fiber into a blend with either wool or cotton. Once the yarn is spun, I begin working on my palette. I work with the color selection of the seasonal dye plants in my garden or out in nature. The third step brings the yarn and color together through a woven structure. The structures design enhances the yarn and color on the floor loom that makes the fabric.

Featured Products

Transitional Climate Beneficial flax


Chico Flax’s blend of high-quality flax tow and retted straw is a beautiful byproduct of the flax processing done at the farm. It can be used for a myriad of applications. Our blend makes for especially high-quality paper. It also makes great pulp for all your creative projects. It is also wonderful for doll making, animal bedding or mattress fillings. 


In addition to being a natural material that can be composted at the end of its life, our Transitional Climate Beneficial flax is grown such that it captures carbon from the atmosphere into the soil we grow it in as well as the flax itself. 


This lightweight material is sold at $16.50/lb in 5-pound bundles. 


We can’t wait to see what you make with it!

Handwoven Naturally Dyed Cowl


Chico Flax along with Sandy Fisher Woven have created a variety of naturally sourced linen, wool and cotton blended scarves and cowls creating works of art. Colder days are upon us, what better way to keep out the cold then to wear a Cowl.


This cowl is made 100 % Climate Beneficial wool from Lani’s Lana of Bare Ranch. Naturally dyed with Indigo/Madder.



Sandy has shown these pieces and others at the Smithsonian Craft show and soon at the Baltimore ACC show in 2023.


Priced at $250.00

Beginning Weaving Class

Dates Dec 3-7, 10 am to 3 pm daily. Cost $400.00


Having been a production weaver for over 35 years Sandy enjoys sharing her knowledge of weaving. She teaches a variety of floor loom classes. This coming Dec 3-7 she is offering a Beginning weaving class.


This class is for the beginner weaver who has never tried out a loom or a great review for someone who would like a refresher course. Each student will create a Twill Sampler on a four harness loom. The sampler when finished will show over 50 different variations of twill patterns in one setup. Using black and white yarn the sampler becomes a valuable study for future reference.


Dates Dec 3-7, 10 am to 3 pm daily.

Cost $400.00. 2 spaces still open.