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Danu Organic makes clothing that are healthy for our bodies and the earth with meticulously sourced organic plant, fiber and natural dye materials.

Our designs reflect the beauty of the human body and the durability of the earth that gives us our fibers and colors.

Featured Product

Barcelona Pullover

Our top seller since day one, the Barcelona Pullover flows and flatters. Sewn from Sally Fox’s colorganic cotton, an heirloom brown cotton the color of honey. The architecture of this sweater is loosely inspired by an old knit fast fashion sweater Sarah picked up in Europe wwoofing years ago and wore until it unraveled. To Sarah, this piece represents how far and how fast people can come. ⁠ The Barcelona Pullover dresses up well with bold, gold earrings, but it’s cozy enough you’ll want to wear it all day, every day. Make a monochromatic statement by pairing it with the Hida Mountain Pants.⁠