This fiber comes from sheep and goats that serve lots of purposes! They’re lawn mowers, fire fuel reducers, fertilizers, ecosystem rehabilitators, soil builders, AND meat and fiber producers. We graze on the go, moving over hundreds of acres of Mendocino oak woodlands and native California grasslands with portable electric fencing and a couple of great guard donkeys to protect the woolies from predators.

Featured Products

Gotland roving
targhee sport yarn
felting kit
Dark Silver Icelandic Gotland Roving

Dark silver roving, made from Icelandic Gotland cross sheep. Spins up beautifully for hand spinners, showing gradation of lighter to darker shades, or could be used in felting. Each ball contains approximately half an ounce of roving. 


Targhee Sport Yarn

This rich, chocolate brown yarn is made from our rare and beautiful brown Targhees. We call them our chocolate teddybears, because the wool is such a rich color and bouncy even on the sheep. This yarn is 2 ply and each skein weighs 4 ounces. 


Felting Kit

Get into the wild and weird world of needle felting with this kit! The menagerie of colors and textures of the Headwaters flock is reflected in this wild kit. Tight curls, double-coated locks, color gradations and dramatic fuzz will inspire and add character to your finished pieces. All natural colors, beautiful on their own but could be dyed for more variety!


This kit contains:

1 batt of roving (1 color)

3 balls of roving (white, silver, dark grey)

Assorted raw locks (4-6 colors)

3 needles (small, medium, large)

1 foam block

1 zine with instructions