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brown alpaca beanie
chocolate alpaca yarn
Variegated Brown Lopi Hat 2

This Variegated Brown Lopi Hat is hand crochet using Integrity’s Climate Beneficial (Transitional) variegated lopi yarn (Sold Out). These are very warm, soft and unique as each transitions through the various fawn and brown alpaca fibers that created the yarn.

Colors of the Alpaca

This shawl was created using the continuous strand method of weaving on a 7.5 foot adjustable loom. The continuous strand method is weaving the warp and weft at the same time. Patterning is established both through the dimensions of adjustment and the color changes throughout the weaving. Once woven, fringe is added and knotted then the item is fulled and blocked. This is a heavy weight shawl.

Brown Alpaca DK

Chocolate??? I love the rich, bright color of this blend of our brown and some fawn fibers. This yarn is slightly lighter than the cuper chocolately Worsted weight but remains squishy and very nice on the hand.


Each skein is 200 yards and is a DK weight.