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I have created a Zero Waste designs made of the Fibershed Community Cloth that is a collaboration inspired by nature, sustainability, and the innovation. My zero waste patterns are designed and inspired by geometric shapes that create a responsible design using sustainable textiles. The featured Coastal Loungesuit, was first created as a Fibershed Zero Waste Design Challenge at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco. My sustainable designs reflect a casual and sophisticated look, utilizing the unconventional pattern layout of zero-waste design.

Featured Products

zero waste skirt
Zero Waste Midi Wrap Skirt

Our Zero Waste Wrap Skirt is a 100% zero waste design and naturally undyed. It ties at the waist with subtle pleats, side pockets, and has a casual midi length. This functional, sustainable, and regenerative skirt is a timeless classic. Custom made in sizes Small, Medium, Large.


This is a Zero Waste Design


Climate Benefcial Wool 


100% Organic USA thread


Climate Beneficial wool lined pockets

The Indigo Kimono Jacket

The Indigo Kimono Jacket is a limited edition low waste design. The plain weave Rambouillet wool fabric is dyed with indigo and trimmed throughout the jacket. The Climate Beneficial Wool is warm, cozy, and elegant in natural undyed cream. This design is worn with a tie wool belt but can loosley hang and be worn open with a pair of jeans.

This is constructed with 100% USA organic cotton thread

Custom made

The Coastal Cream Matcha Set

The Coastal Cream Matcha Pant Set makes the perfect pair. Made of luxurious, breathable, regenerative wool. This set has simple, classic, casual look and feel. Our Midi Trouser is a classically comfortable with tailored wide legs, front pockets and a high waist. Together with the Cali Tunic this classic two piece set is a sustainable addition to your closet. Made from 100% Rambouillet Climate Beneficial Wool and ethically manufactured in San Francisco, CA. This is constructed with 100% USA organic cotton thread, and organic cotton twill zipper. This is a Biodegradable and Zero waste design