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We (Larry & Maureen Macedo) started with 2 boys over 16 years ago. We now have a variety of color in our herd – solid white to solid black, patterns and shades of grey or brown! Our focus has been on fiber from the beginning. The ranch name comes from the miniature horses that we had prior to owning alpacas. We added an alpaca to update the logo. We’ve sold our miniature horses to concentrate on fiber, alpacas and llamas.


Larry runs our Belfast picker, carder and rug making machines. He also creates 100% alpaca dryer balls for clients as well as keeping our inventory up. Maureen concentrates on felting, dyeing, spinning and weaving.


We actively promote agritourism and share the benefits of carbon beneficial fiber with folks who visit our ranch.


Dryer Balls

Keep clothing separated in the dryer. Helps reduce dryer time and reduce static electricity.


We recommend using 2 or 3 in the dryer – just leave them in all of the time.


All natural, all alpaca fiber. We have them for sale, and create them from your ranch’s fiber.

Critter Kit

Contents: 2 needles, Round alpaca fiber ball for use as your base, Pad (sponge) for base. Wool may be from alpaca, merino or angora rabbit, Natural fiber colors (Dye sources may include pomegranate, avocado, woad, marigold. Dye sources grown on our ranch)


Mini Acres, Many Choices!


We love fiber- and sell fleeces as well as batts, rovings and dryer balls created on our ranch. We offer classes in spinning, felting and dyeing, as well as provide instruction in fleece preparation for shows or mills. Not only do we offer tours (reservations required), but host birthday parties and weddings. Our ranch is a favorite for Senior Portraits and Family Holiday photos.