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My name is Robyn Smith, I became inspired to design and create toys following 20 plus years as a Kinder Teacher, and an in depth observation of the play of young children. My love for organic materials is directly inspired by the Sensory Delights of the Natural World as well as the Waldorf Classroom. My passion is to create toys that every child from every Nation can identify with. I am honored to be a producer of the Northern California Fibershed, committing to Local Fiber Local Dyes and Local Labor. My Farm to Table toys are Felted of Local Sonoma County Natural Wool from Bodega Pastures and finished with my own Botanical dyed wool as well as Wild Rose Farm, Judith Ashely.

Featured Products

Courageous Lion


Part of my Africa Collection this Lion is triple wrapped on Copper Wire with Sonoma County Sourced Wool, and needle felt finished with Sonoma County Sourced Alpaca 6 inches long 3 inches wide 6 inches tall

Sea Otter

These sweet friends are a local favorite and so loved.

These are solid needle Felted with wool from Bodega Pastures here in Sonoma County CA

4 inches long 2 inches wide

Polar Bear


The Polar Bear is Needle Felted With Sonoma County Sourced Wool. 10 inches tall 6 inches wide 10 inches long