Macedo’s Mini Acre

Macedo’s Mini Acre Website – Facebook – Macedo’s Mini Acre   We (Larry & Maureen Macedo) started with 2 boys over 16 years ago. We now have a variety of color in our herd – solid white to solid black, patterns and shades of grey or brown! Our focus has been on fiber from […]

Valley Oak Wool Mill

Valley Oak Wool Mill Website: Instagram: @valleyoakwoolmill    Valley Oak Wool Mill is owned and operated by Marcail McWilliams who opened its doors five years ago in 2017! We take pride in being one of only a few mills of its kind left in the state. We custom process small batch wool producers’ fleece into […]

Red Creek Farm

Red Creek Farm   We are a small, family run sheep farm in Potter Valley, with a focus on raising unique, specialty wool from carefully selected cross-bred sheep, using Merino, Lincoln, Cormo, Corriedale, and Wensleydale breeds. The resulting fleeces are strong, lustrous and soft and have won many awards at wool shows.   We […]

Clemes & Clemes, Inc.

Clemes and Clemes

Clemes & Clemes Inc. Website: Instagram: @clemesandclemes   We are a father and son duo in the East Bay hamlet of Pinole. Our family has proudly served the fiber arts community since 1970!   We have everything you need to get from fiber to shawl: fleece, equipment, and education. Our Good Clean Fiber program provides […]


Headwaters This fiber comes from sheep and goats that serve lots of purposes! They’re lawn mowers, fire fuel reducers, fertilizers, ecosystem rehabilitators, soil builders, AND meat and fiber producers. We graze on the go, moving over hundreds of acres of Mendocino oak woodlands and native California grasslands with portable electric fencing and a couple of […]

Full Belly Farm

Full Belly Farm   A 450 – acre organic, non-GMO, family-run farm nestled in the Capay Valley within the beautiful Yolo County. We grow roughly 80 varieties of fruits and vegetables a year, providing organic food to Farmer’s Markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and of course our dedicated CSA members. All our sheep products are […]

Integrity Alpacas & Fiber

Integrity Alpacas & Fiber Website: Instagram: @Integrity_Alpacas Facebook: Integrity Alpacas     Although I am an alpaca fiber farmer, I am also a fiber consultant, certified fiber sorter/grader/classer, and fiber artist. I am interested in blending alpaca fiber with other complementary fibers in our region. Featured Products Variegated Brown Lopi Hat 2 This Variegated Brown Lopi […]

Barinaga Ranch Inc.

Barinaga Ranch Website: Instagram: @marciabarinagaFacebook: Barinaga Ranch  I come from a family of Basque shepherds, and my passion is for raising healthy, happy sheep in a manner that is in harmony with our environment. My flock of Romney, Corriedale and Cormo-Corriedale cross sheep graze on 75 acres of organically-managed, transitioning to climate-beneficial, pasture on our ranch in […]


Twirl   Yarn produced from animals sustainably and lovingly raised in the hills of Napa Valley. Featured Products Twirling Hemp Natural Yarn This yarn is a blend of domestic field retted hemp from Minnesota with wool, alpaca and mohair from the Twirl flocks.      Contents: Wool, Alpaca and mohair Twirling Hemp White Natural […]